French Pizza Dianne

1 package frozen puff pastry
1 egg yolk blended with 1 t. water
½ C. spaghetti sauce
20 thin slices pepperoni
5 slices ham (4 inch square, ¼ inch thick)
3 T. chopped green onions
Pinch Italian seasoning
6 oz. mozzarella cheese
  • Thaw puff pastry & roll into a 9 x 6 inch rectangle
  • Cut into 2 pieces, one four inches and one five inches in width
  • Brush edges with egg yolk mixture
  • Place larger rectangle on a greased cookie sheet and spread spaghetti sauce over to within an inch of the edges
  • Arrange pepperoni, ham, onions and seasoning on top, then sprinkle over the cheese
  • Place the other piece of dough on top and seal with the bottom crust.
  • Press edges together with a fork
  • Brush top with egg yolk mixture and make four slits in the top
  • Bake at 425 º F for about 25 minutes
  • Cut into 2-inch squares & serve hot

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