Fiesta Chicken Tortilla Salad

1 chicken breast
1 T. Tabasco sauce
Vegetable oil for frying
3 soft corn tortillas, cut into ¼ inch strips
Salt to sprinkle
4 C. romaine lettuce, torn into bite sized pieces
½ red pepper, cut into strips

4 T. toasted sesame seeds
2 T. white wine vinegar
1 T. Dijon mustard
½ C. vegetable oil
Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cut chicken breast into 1/3 strips and toss with the Tabasco
  • Heat oil until hot in a heavy frying pan and fry tortilla strips until golden, set on paper towel to drain then season with salt
  • Pour off all but a little oil and sauté chicken for 2-3 minutes and set aside
  • For dressing, combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth
  • Place lettuce, peppers and chicken in a bowl and toss with dressing, serve on individual plates and arrange tortilla strips on top

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