James' Spag Bol Sauce

According to James...

"Thousands....well one of my dearest chums has asked me for my Spag bol recipe.
So like the genome project people I'm going to share it with all.
I know, I know it's okay you don't have to tell me deep down I know.

So here goes, chop up an onion or two and gently fry it in your pot, add as garlic as much as you like, personally I like to smell like a Frenchman from 200 yards. Crumble your mince up and season, I can't stress how important it is to season the mince and to use good mince.

So season the mince ok!

While that is all mingling and the mince is slowly browning. Grate a carrot or two, chop up a pile of mushrooms and slice up a RED capsicum pepper, use a green one and it will ruin it for me and you. Throw it all into the pot and give it a stir. Add one tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomato paste/puree and some beef stock, use the good stuff here makes all the difference. Add a sprinkle of mixed herbs. Give it all another thorough stir, put the lid on turn the heat down to low, put the kettle and Dr Phil on, stir every ten mins and SLOWLY simmer a for at least one hour, two is best.

If your feeling really flash you can add a splash of red wine and or a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce. The really important thing is to use the best ingredients you can.

Next week I'll be doing toast!"

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